Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter – Save Our Planet!

Battling with enemies and playing the role of savior is always everyone’s favorite. So just imagine a game where you need to fight to save none other than the Earth. You will have to fight against enemy battleships that will be run by aliens wanting to take over the earth.

It all sounds so exciting, right?! We present to you the game of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. This mobile game has so many exciting elements that truly make it one of the best online mobile games. So let us find out more about this game.

About the gameplay

The game of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is an arcade game from the developers at Onesoft. This is a space shooting game. In this game, the storyline or the plot is pretty simple- you have the earth’s fate in your hands. It is up to you to protect your planet.

The main mission of the player in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is to save the earth from the enemies. You will have to fight and defeat the many alien swarms that will come your way as you battle it out. These aliens are the evil enemies who are out to destroy the whole universe.

The features of the game

In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, you will have to use your space ship to shoot and destroy the enemies. As you proceed from one level to another, you will be able to upgrade your space ship to better versions.

The number of enemies might be quite large, making this a very challenging game. As you keep upgrading your spacecraft, you will be able to unleash full potential in the battles. You can also change your weapons as the game progresses.

The game is very easy to play. Just touch the screen of your device to move and also kill your enemies.

The other details of the game

The Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter game can be played in the multiplayer mode too. This mode offers many variations such as a one on one player versus 3 players setting. The images and graphics used in the game are of high quality.

There are more than 160 levels in the game, all of the varying difficulties. These levels have many missions that need to be completed to move onto the next level. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter game allows you to upgrade your lasers and guns to become more powerful.


This arcade game of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is packed with action and adventure. It is a very exciting game that helps you stay engaged and entertained. The missions will test your skills as a player.

You can also show off those skills as you compete with fellow games in the multiplayer mode. It is a free-to-play app with a few in-app purchases. So go ahead, download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and give it a try. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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