F1 Manager

F1 Manager: Racing Management Video Game

The F1 Manager or the Formula manager is the best technological imitation of the real-life Formula 1 racing tracks. The F1 Manager is a highly popular, free game that surrenders all control to fans. In this game, it is the player who gets to decide what happens in a race.

As a player, your power is unmatched. You can master and apply the art of racing strategy on the race track to help your drivers prevail as champions. Much like a real F1 race, you get to advise your drivers on the strategy they should opt for to secure the ultimate win.

Structured to give you an authentic F1 experience, the game also enhances the gameplay using realistic graphics and official teams and drivers from the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship. So go ahead and pick your favorite racer (from legends like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo) and show the track who’s boss!


In F1 Manager, the player takes over the reins and drives his racer to a win. The player ultimately begins to control and monitor the management team of a Formula One motor racing team. This means that the player will have access to all the racers that drive for the F1 team.

The player is provided with an array of choices- precisely a total of eleven teams each comprised of two drivers and one test driver- from which he can select his favorite team and help them win the cup.

F1 is so equipped that the game backs the player’s position as a manager by providing them with a chief designer, technical director, and a commercial director to help put together strategies and manage the team.

As mentioned, the player is to perform all the duties that surround an F1 team manager. As a manager, the player will have to set and accomplish goals like winning the various championships or achieving a certain position required to fulfill the commitments of a season.

Moreover, to ensure the efficiency of the manager, his/her performance is monitored by the chairperson of the board of directors. To satisfy the bearings of their position to the fullest, the player can also employ support staff to further the productivity of his team.

However, the position of manager also leaves a player with the leisure to actively participate or not during scheduled test day sessions during which the racecars are developed.

To keep in check with the developments occurring in one’s Formula One team, the player also has access to a news screen where they can view such announcements. While participating in a race weekend, the player can instruct his driver how to drive and play around with pit stop strategies and come out with the ultimate combination of the two.

The player also receives regular feedback from the racers about their vehicles. By considering this, the manager can improve a driver’s performance by altering the vehicles. Mechanical problems with the vehicle can also be reported and fixed.

The player can also watch a race by selecting a camera angle of their own on the television screen platform. This way, they can get an accurate read of what’s happening and how future mistakes can be avoided. The players can either speed up or lower the rate at which they complete a session.


  • The F1 manager is the official Formula 1 Racing management strategy game. This means that you get to experience the real, exciting lives of Formula 1 Managers.
  • You can create your own F1 team and pick among real-life teams and racers. You can also put your team against other players to win races.
  • This game requires you to think on your feet and produce phenomenal strategies on the go to defeat your rivals.
  • You can collect car parts and components and make up your dream racing wheels that will lead you to victory.
  • The game pits real F1 teams against each other on real F1 circuits.
  • As a player in this game, you can manage your racers and have them drive according to your orders.
  • You can play around with pit stop strategies to devise what works best for the team. Select the right tire compounds to gear up your racers car.
  • You can instruct your racer on when they should take it easy and when they shouldn’t. By doing this, you can decide when you should give it your all and when you should go easy and save fuel.
  • You can save your team by rising to the challenges of weather, accidents, and safety car periods.

The F1 manager is a free to download game that brings the whole F1 circuit into your home by simply existing in your pocket. All you need is a network connection and a working phone.

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